Basic Piercing Care
New piercing should be cleaned routinely this is very important!!  Soaps that contain deodorants, cold creams, strong perfumes or other additives should be avoided. A STERILE saline soak or wound wash which can be bought at most pharmacies can be used if the piercing is irritated. 
To clean, simply apply a liberal amount of soap and water to the area of the piercing. While healing, secretions from the piercing will dry on and around the jewelry. For the first month is it is helpful to leave this scab intact. It is your body's way of protecting itself from invading bacteria. It is advised to avoid soaking in tubs or swimming without a water proof bandage over the piercing for the first month. After 6 weeks of healing, you can rotate the soapy jewelry in and out of the piercing a few times. Rinse the jewelry in the same manner with clear water, being sure to remove all traces of soap. Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol should never be used. Also avoid any ointments. Oral contact with or handling of new piercings can cause infections and should be avoided.  Please see STAGES OF HEALING.

For lip, tongue and cheek piercings, rinse with an antiseptic mouth wash 3 times a day only. Any other time you eat or drink anything just rinse with bottled water. Cold water seems to help decrease swelling. SMOKING, spicy foods, very hot drinks and deep kissing MUST be avoided for 2 weeks.  Original piercing stud in tongue MUST be switched to a shorter barbell with acrylic balls in order to avoid gum and tooth damage!   A rinse of 1/8 tsp. salt to a cup of warm water is helpful in soothing pain. 

New piercings, especially nipple, should not be subjected to heavy abuse during the healing process. If this advice is not adhered to, serious infections can occur. With proper care, infections are rare. If you think the piercing is infected, you should contact your piercer or be examined by a physician WITHOUT delay. Minor soreness, redness and weeping is normal in new piercings. Small bumps around the piercing can happen. Call for more in for or click the link.
No matter how well your piercing has been done sometimes problems arise even with your best efforts to follow aftercare instructions.  we are here to help. If pain continues and piercing is very red and weeping excessively, you may have an infection. DO NOT remove the jewelry. This may cause the only passageway for the discharge of infectious secretions to close. A lump behind some piercings may develop on rare occasions. They are usually benign cysts or severe infections requiring minor surgery. Contact a physician if a lump appears and is sore and does not go away. Do not confuse this with the scar tissue that is normal around new piercings,  it will go away in time. This information is only a suggested manner in which to care for your piercing and should not be considered medical advice.
Check out the links on the links page for more thoughts on aftercare. 

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