Rebecca Haen RN, the owner of Colourbox has been in the piercing industry for over 25 years. Some consider her one of the pioneers in moving Body Piercing into the main stream through her dedication to education and improving Industry Standards.  Becky has made it her mission to dispel old myths about body modification and introduce medically sound piercing and aftercare techniques in order to better serve the public.  Her genuine concern for, and goal to help others shows everyday with her interactions with her clients and she passes her knowledge and passion on to her employees.  "I am so happy and lucky to be able to do something I love everyday!"
Nicole (Leonard) Plzak started her career at Colourbox way back in 1999.  Nicole was the first person to apprentice at Colourbox and has been a major driving force in the continued success of the company.  Nicole our senior piercer is a genuine caring professional who takes it upon herself to stay on the cutting edge of piercing and body mody trends. Nicole is certified in OSHA Blood Borne pathogens and Care Giver CPR.  Stop down and say hi!  "It's just a 'little' poke"
Aja' Crawford has been involved with piercing since she was a little kid.  She started working full time at the shop when she was 16 and has been here ever since.  Seven years later she is still going strong. Aja' is describe as helpful, gentle and very knowledgeable by our clients and has become the "go to girl" whenever anybody needs help with ball size or what they bought last time they were here. She remembers everyone's name and always has a smile for them. Stop down and say Hi to the 2nd generation.